Web Development

 Web Development:
The distinctive web development course is offered by Bright Eaglets Group of Colleges to students which enable them to fully design a dynamic website from raw form. The students are trained through the latest techniques, and equipped with learning new software which they essentially need to develop a website.
After completing this course student will be able to gather data, manipulate data and convert data into useful dynamic website. The student will be able to register domain, configure domain with new name-servers and alter hosting accounts. The student will be able to update website and troubleshooting.
1. Web pages( dynamic and static )
2. Introduction to E-Commerce different site options
3. Developing idea and requirements of firms
4. Learning basics before starting web development
o HTML ( Basic + Advance)
o CSS (Cascade Style Sheet)
5. Tool used in web development
6. Languages used in web development
o ASP.net
7. Client side and server side languages
o Javascript ( Basic + advance )
o Use of Ajax
o Use of JQuery
8. Using servers
o Xamp
o Appache
9. FTP
10. Domain Registration
11. Hosting
12. Backing UP
13. C panel usuage
14. Trouble Shooting


Course FEE: 12000

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