English Language Course

English is the one of the largest language been spoken in the World. The knowledge on all topics has been available on hard and soft mediums in this Language. In today world of evolving connections, the importance of effective communication has increased enormously. The communication is the effective tool to prove ONE’S ability, intellect and good educational background. Country’s multiple competitive examinations comprises of language skill and overall knowledge of English Language.

By enabling students, to learn skill of Languages and effective communication the special courses are being offered at Bright Eaglets Group of Colleges for enabling students to excel in different fields of life.

Following English Language courses are being offered at Bright Eaglets Group of colleges with FEE Details

COURSE DESCRIPTION Duration Total package FEE
ESC English Spoken Course 02 Months 4500
ELC English Language Course 04 Months 7500
English Interview Interview preparation 01 Months 3000
English NTS TEST English Test Preparation 02 Months 4000
IELTS Ielts Preparation 02 Months 11000

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