The importance of information technology in every field of life, is very distinctive. Today the world has become global village. To work in today’s world the basic literacy is unavoidable moreover the people in the field of Computer Sciences and I.T are GETTING MOST HANDSOME SALRAIES AND SPEEDY PROMOTIONS ALL OVER THE WORLD.

The expected jobs in the field of information technology are increasing day by day. The scope of information technology is so much diversified. Millions of jobs are available in the fields of I.T teachers, I.T Professionals, software developers, Web developers, programmers, Network administrators, with hundreds of other small and large level jobs in different departments.

Bright Eaglets Group of colleges is one of the ever first and largest computer imparting institute at district which has trained thousand of students in last two decades which are serving at country and outside different countries. College started imparting computer education from basic courses, and gradually switched to Intermediate in Computer sciences (ICS), Bachleor in computer sciences (BCS, BS-IT, BA-IT, B.Sc). The college has started proper M.Sc-IT / MCS classes in year 2016 under the banner of Governoment University of Sargodha.

The detail of FEE and courses is as under:-

Course Duration Semesters Fee per semester
M.Sc-IT – MCS 02 Years 04 26000 Rupees

+ Reg fee +Exam fee



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