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Works UNDER the advisory of BRIGHT EAGLETS EDUCAITONAL SOCIETY. The society was properly Registered and recognized by Government Societies Act XXI of 1860  through registration number RJSC/JG/306.

This Educational society consists of many renowned and well educated personalities who have broad experience in education and administration. The society put in step to work in the field of education with the basic objectives of increasing literacy rate and to promote educational standards at deserted areas of Punjab. The educational society practically provides counseling to many institutes for adapting new methodologies for effective learning. The management of the Eaglets Group of Colleges also took advisory in several administrative activities by the honorable members of the society.


To Educate People in a manner to transform the World. AL-HamduLilah Bright Eaglets has imparted Education and skill in thousand of students, which are now rendering services in Pakistan and abroad. We have clear VISION & MISSION to Empower Pakistani Youth to become  MOST civilized NATION, and FINEST proud DEVELOPED economy on Globe.

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Bright Eaglets Educational society is profoundly interested in expanding the Skill and Education over the area to empower youth.
Patriotic, Education loving individuals or teams can join hands together to unbolt educational techs in different areas of Pakistan. Moreover franchise and partners institutions will get all necessary general and technical help and aid to promote quality education and skill at any region.

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