Office Management

    Understanding the work requirements and ethics of office is very necessary for individuals to practically excel in any department or field of life. The course provides complete office ethics, procedures, skills and methods for new job starters. The office management course enables the participants to work effectively in different working environments.
    Learning Outcomes:
    After the completion of course the participants are fully equipped with all necessary skills and ethics which they normally require in day to day office dealings. The course is effective for every educational level to get basic knowledge of ethics, corporate values and working as a team member.
    Course contents:
    • Ethics in work
    • Management functions
    • Workplace challenges & trends
    • Technology and training of new aids
    • Using Software skills
    • Using Ms Word 2010
    • Using Ms Excel 2010
    • Using Ms PowerPoint 2010
    • Using Ms Access 2010
    • Assignments and training
  • Basics regarding Email – printing – Data entry – Documentation

COURSE DURATION : 03 Months  (Crash program = 01 month)

Course package FEE: 4500


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