Free Lancing & Online Earning Course
The world has become global village; concept of working beyond the borders has changed the work patterns, convenience and timings. The course is ideal for the youth of highly growing population rate to get work at their home. The course not only provides training of different courses, but also practically enables the probationers for registering and starting work complete procedure.
Learning output:
After this course, the one not only can effectively find work for him but also will be able to work with other co-workers to provide facilitation to submit any project to international level employers or order placers.
Course contents
• Understanding Internet work
• Mastering the field of specialization
• Understanding the requirements of international work
• How to provide quality and earn good rating score?
How to Apply for Work / Projects and its preparation?
How to make Documentation for Work?
• How to find the Cost of project?
• Meeting the duration, time of project? Work division
• Arranging the proper Work force
• How to make parts of work and submission of project
• Agreement signing and cares
• Requesting for advance payments? Or getting installment
• How to collect money and managing proper receipting
• Earning name in projects

Basic Course Duration:  03 months (for basic literates)

Course Duration for new comers: 06 months

Course FEE: 12000

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