The accommodation for students along with Mess facility is provided at college hostel.


Telephone extensions through BU exchange are provided on both floors, which can be used by residents to receive incoming calls. Outgoing calls are normally not permitted; however, in case of an emergency, residents may make an outgoing call with the permission of the resident warden.

Wi-Fi / Internet

Wi-Fi / Internet facility is provided at the hostel premises for the residents’ use

Washrooms and Toilets

Sufficient community washrooms and toilets are provided to living students.

Visitors Room

A separate facility has been established adjacent to the hostel where residents may receive visitors specifically authorized by parents / guardian. Access to the main hostel premises is limited to the residents and authorized staff only. Unauthorized guests or outsiders are strictly prohibited to enter the hostel premises.

Allotment of Hostel Accommodation

Student of academic and vocational institutes can apply for hostel accommodation. prospective students are required to indicate the requirement of hostel accommodation at college Office; they shall also fill out the prescribed hostel application form, which may be obtained from hostel Office or downloaded. On confirmation for accommodation facility student has to provide all necessary documents.

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