In this course, features and function of Auto Cad are professionally taught to work in 2D and 3D geometry. Concepts and demonstrations cover beginner, middle and innovative topics including display controls, annotation objects, using layers, setting up drawings for print, manipulating reusable content and customizing AutoCAD interface. The certain assignments and other mock exercises are given to students, to enable them to train for professional work environment.
Learning Outcome:
AutoCAD will be used as a tool which enables engineers / sub-engineers to perform modern techniques for creating objects and manipulating them in 3d co-ordinates. Through this course sub-engineers and engineers of Electrical and mechanical field will learn how to use computer in there very specific type of job.. Trainees will learn the basics of AutoCAD software with maximum possibility to intermediate level of expertise. At the end of training, trainee will be able to get job or perform tasks in electrical and mechanical industry with the help of computer generated imagery.
Course Contents:
The Basics
o Defining Objects
o Objects Drawing, Selection, Modification
o Types of Lines, Poly lines and Arcs
o Units, scales and Aid in drawings
o Using Co-ordinates in AutoCAD.
o Snap object and properties of Objects
o Advanced Selection
o User Co-ordinate Systems
o Images making, scaling, Adjusting size of papers
3D Basics
o What is difference with simple and 3D drawings
o Using primitives, Editing with gizmos and Grips
o How to create Sub object, Editing with Filters
o Rotation, scaling and moving.
o Exercises
o Final Project


Course FEE: 12000

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    • Wasif AutoCad Complete FEE is only Eleven Thousand Rupees. Total Duration is 02 months for Basic 2D-3D course. New badge starts every month. You can contact us to register in our new Class. Thank you feel free to ask any question.


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