Autocad In this course, features and function of Auto Cad are professionally taught to work in 2D and 3D geometry. Concepts and demonstrations cover beginner, middle and innovative topics including display controls, annotation objects, using layers, setting up drawings for print, manipulating reusable content and customizing AutoCAD interface. The certain assignments and other mock exercises … Read more

Graphic Designing Course

GRAPHIC DESIGNINGGraphic designing importance has increased times more due to emergence of social and online media. The graphic designing is an art to catch the sight in first instance to get maximum attention of any viewer. The professional graphic designers demand has grown up to fifty percent in last few years. The college unique course … Read more

CCTV Training

CCTV Training Courses THE COMPLETE TRAINING IS PROVIDED TO STUDENTS TO LEARN CAMERA CCTV INSTALLATION, CABLE MAKING, DIFFERENT METHODS OF CABLE MAKING. The course also comprises of complete details of CCTV equipment, types and procedures. Course Contents:   Set up Switches Set up Quads Set up Multiplexers Set up recording device Set up a Camera … Read more

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