Chinies Language Course

Chinese Language Course
China’s excelling economy and leading role in the world is increasing the importance of learning Chinese language. The language is an attraction for the students in Pakistan due to ongoing projects of CPEC and other associated projects. With the growing opportunities in work and study, the Chinese language is very important to learn. By getting basic understanding of the language, the students and workers are able to work and grow with the mutual projects of both countries.
Learning Outcomes:
After learning this language the students are able to communicate effectively on different topics. The participants are able to understand, convey and share ideas with foreign natives. The participants can interpret both languages to transfer and share meanings among both language speakers.
Course types: Basic Level 1, Basic Level 2
Course Outline:
o Introduction to basic Chinese
o Introduction to basic Mandarin and Cantonese
o Pinyin, nodes and modes
o Syllables and their types
o Basic pronunciation of different common words
o Important words and how to recognize
o Learning and memorizing basic communication

Course Duration: 03 months Total Course FEE: 9000

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