WordPress Development

WORDPRESS Website Development Course

Due to increase requirement of EASY auto website developer tool, the importance of CMS software has increased many times . WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) available today. our course surely guide you how to use the power of WordPress. CMS to build modern, easy-to-navigate websites. In course we guide you to install, setup and publish websites using the core functionality of the WordPress platform.

COURSE contents

  • Learning basic HTML and CSS
  • Type of CMS
  • Installing and using wordpress
  • Installation of WordPress.org
  • Using dashboard
  • A Quick Tour of WordPress.org
  • What is post
  • what is page
  • what is catagory
  • what is customization
  • how to use site builders
  • using plug in
  • importing media
  • using all tools
  • Publishing Website
  • Trouble shooting issues

Course Duration: 02 Months

Course Fee: 12000

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