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In this project-based course, you will learn to develop interactive and responsive websites and front-end web development of an enterprise application. It includes HTML5 and CSS3 for creating beautiful web pages; JavaScript & jQuery for more interactive and rich Web UI; BootStrap for developing responsive and elegant websites; AJAX & JSON for consuming REST Services. The course also covers the essentials of Angular for front-end web development.

Brief Course Outlines

  • Introduction Web Development, HTML, HTML5 & IDEs
  • How does the internet actually works
  • How a website is structured using different tools
  • Basics of HTML
  • Advance Level HTML
  • Basics of CSS (Cascading Style Sheet)
  • Advance Level CSS (Cascading Style Sheet)
  • Basics of PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor)
  • What is JavaScript? Use of JavaScript in websites
  • Basics of OOP (Object Oriented Programming) using JavaScript
  • Built a Custom Website
  • Introduction to WordPress
  • Prepare Hosting, Servers, and Install WordPress
  • WordPress Theme Customization
  • WordPress framework
  • Built a Blogger website
  • WordPress Pages
  • WordPress Posts, tags, and SEO
  • Built an E-commerce Website.
  • Essentials of Angular for Creating Modern Web Applications
  • Testing, Debugging & Publishing Website to a Commercial Server

Training Methodology

Lectures and Demos by industry experts
Online Lectures or at Campus face to face discussion
Focus on the latest tools, technologies &industry practices
Projects, assignments & quizzes for student’s evaluation on our LMS system


  • Students & Graduates of Computer Science & Information Technology
  • Students & Graduates of any other discipline looking for a future in IT
  • Web Designers interested in learning Website Development
  • Any other person willing to learn Website Development

Course Project

Participants of the course should develop a commercial-level website using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, and BootStrap 4. Course instructors and lab trainers will help you in completing this project successfully.


Bright Eaglets Certified Front-End Web Developer
Bright Eaglets Certified Full Stack Web Developer

MCP : Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript, CSS3 & PHP

Duration & Frequency

2.5 Months (11 weeks; with 4 training sessions of 1.6 hours a week


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